This dehumidification technology exploits the physical process of condensation of water vapor through the cooling of the moist air through a heat exchanger (finned coils) producing water condensate.

This process is more efficient at medium to high temperatures and under conditions of high relative humidity (greater than 40%). Condensing dehumidifiers TFT ensure high performance for industrial, commercial and private uses : are generally used in environments where it is necessary to control the level of humidity or prevent condensation.

CD (Condensation)

CSW 63 – 140

Condensing Dehumidifier for swimming pools.

CD (Condensation)

CDW 16 / CDK 44 – 100

Condensation dehumidifiers for industrial and civil applications

CD (Condensation)

CDNP 33 – 96

Condensation dehumidifiers for portable industrial environments

CD (Condensation)

CD/CDP 160 – 980

Condensation dehumidifier for industrial and swimming pool applications