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As an Italian leader in the production of advanced absorption dehumidifiers, TFT delivers cutting-edge technological solutions. Our expertly crafted dehumidifiers are distributed worldwide through a network of qualified representatives, showcasing our commitment to local support and prompt solutions.


TFT offers solutions for humidity control.
Humidity is a critical atmospheric parameter indicating the presence of moisture in the air, influencing various industrial and commercial processes and the efficiency of operations.
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Air Quality is the best ally of modern industry and the public and civil.

Adsorption Dehumidifiers

The adsorption dehumidifiers using a technology based on the use of materials naturally drying, as the silica gel…

Condensing Dehumidifiers

This dehumidification technology exploits the physical process of condensation of water vapor…

Air Conditioning

Portable evaporative coolers provide a versatile and efficient solution for cooling air by exploiting the basic principle of water evaporation…

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