Condensation dehumidifiers for industrial and civil applications

The DH series wall dehumidifiers are high quality appliances, characterized by an elegant design and a strong robustness. Suitable for dehumidification of domestic environments, small cellars, taverns, garages, houses, shops. They are equipped with manual humidity control and are ready for connection to a fixed condensate drain. They have a high efficiency, washable and easily replaceable polyurethane air filter and a large size condensate collection tank with the possibility of direct discharge. The main feature of all the wall mounted models of the CDW series is the evaporation battery made up of smooth aluminium tubes. This particular arrangement, derived from professional dehumidifiers, allows a lower energy consumption of the appliance, with a very high performance even at low relative humidity. The electronic defrosting management and the protection from early restarts guarantee a longer life of the machine. CDK series professional fixed dehumidifiers are high performance, compact, easy to install and can be used in many applications. They are equipped with a high efficiency, washable and easily replaceable polyurethane filter, which can be connected to a fixed drain. They are equipped with sturdy handles for easy handling, rubber feet and a mechanical humidistat on board. The industrial dehumidifiers of the CDK series are equipped as standard with a hot gas defrosting system, with electronic and thermostatic control, and can work at temperatures close to 0°C.


For wall and ceiling installation