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Energy-cost reduction

The Tannery Camaleonte S.p.A. operating in the treatment of the leather and official supplier of some of the biggest names in international fashion, needed to reduce energy costs and improve the quality of the product in the delicate phase of drying of the leathers. During the meeting for the inspection of the existing installation carried out by TFT dry Air Solutions has raised some critical issues related not only to high energy consumption and environmental impact derived from it, but above all on the quality of the final product. The high temperatures reached with the old system did reduce the leather surface causing the evaporation of potentially toxic particles derived from chemicals used in tanning.
TFT SOLUTION: COMBINED SYSTEM CONDENSATION + ABSORPTION After laboratory tests and field trials, TFT Dry Air Solutions has designed a customized machinery that efficiently solves the problems present and responds to the needs expressed by the customer. Production system treated air with a complete recirculation without pollutant emissions: the system makes use of a circuit in the heat pump with a total energy consuming recovery, in combination with a chemical adsorber rotating, with continuous regeneration and controlled, which allows to obtain a title of air dried at low temperature. This patented system comes from the observation of drying of the leather during a period in which the north wind was blowing, and the leather dried at a low temperature without inconvenience, even increasing the merits of the skin. From here we have devised a system that would recreate the same conditions, but which at the same time we did save energy compared to traditional systems. This machine, feeds two thermo ventilating that increase the volume of air recycling a part of it, so as to distribute the air over the entire surface of the dry room so that it is laden with moisture released from the leathers as possible. The advantage of this system consists in the reduction of drying time because working at a low temperature, closed-loop, does not allow the volatilization of the chemicals involved in the leather and does not cause reduction of the surface, ensuring a higher quality of the final product.
Observations and Conclusions
INSTALLATION Electric pow. KW Thermal pow. KW  Smc Methane Cost per hour €  Cycle cost € Drying time
Current  43  935  110  58,10  697,20  10/12 ore
TFT Solution  195  43  4,40  41  328,00  6/8 ore
Note: Costs were determined with a yield of methane gas at 8500 Kc / m3 at a cost of € 0.45 Sm3 and cost electric energy € / KW 0.20.