Condensation and Corrosion, Surface Treatment

Condensation and Corrosion, Surface Treatment

Humidity control is critical in environments where anti-corrosion paint application is essential, particularly in industries like marine and others with exposed metal parts.

These environments require meticulous preparation of metal surfaces through sandblasting prior to painting. However, high humidity levels pose a significant challenge as they can lead to immediate corrosion and oxidation after surface preparation.


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1. Corrosion Risk Post-Surface Preparation

High humidity levels post-surface preparation, especially after sandblasting, increase the risk of corrosion and oxidation, compromising the effectiveness of anti-corrosion coatings.

2. Inadequacy of Traditional Methods

Traditional methods such as heating the air are insufficient as they only reduce relative humidity without effectively removing moisture, leaving metal surfaces vulnerable to corrosion.


1. Advanced Desiccant Rotor Technology Dehumidification

Dehumidification, particularly with TFT’s Advanced Desiccant Rotor Technology, is an effective solution for reducing moisture content in the air. These systems ensure optimal conditions for surface preparation and painting by effectively controlling humidity levels.

2. Specialized Dehumidifiers for Surface Treatment Processes

TFT’s AD series of dehumidifiers are specifically designed for surface treatment processes, offering versatile applications and easy transportability. They prevent corrosion, comply with coating specifications, and enable year-round operations, regardless of weather conditions.


TFT’s dehumidification solutions, particularly the AD series, are indispensable for addressing humidity-related challenges in surface treatment applications. These solutions offer a comprehensive range of benefits, including enhanced efficiency, quality assurance, and overcoming environmental obstacles. They serve as essential assets in various industrial settings, safeguarding against corrosion and ensuring the longevity of coated surfaces.

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