Pharma Production & Packaging

Pharma Production & Packaging

The pharmaceutical industry is a highly controlled environment where precision is paramount to ensuring the quality and effectiveness of products.

In this context, humidity control plays a crucial role. With over 40 years of experience in the field, TFT offers advanced desiccant dehumidification solutions tailored to address specific challenges related to pharmaceutical production, packaging, and storage. These solutions are designed to ensure an optimal working environment, enabling pharmaceutical companies to maintain the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.


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1. Management of Hygroscopic Ingredients

Hygroscopic pharmaceutical ingredients can be extremely sensitive to ambient humidity. Without proper control, they can absorb moisture from the air, causing clumping and blockages in production equipment.

2. Bacterial Activity Control

Inconsistent humidity levels can promote bacterial activity, compromising product and packaging quality. Maintaining humidity below 50% is essential to prevent unwanted bacterial growth and ensure experiment repeatability.

3. Production Efficiency

Fluctuations in humidity levels can affect product weight during mixing and weighing stages, compromising overall production efficiency.

4. Documentation and Regulatory Compliance

Inconsistent environmental conditions make it difficult to maintain the rigorous control necessary to adhere to pharmaceutical hygiene standards and may lead to difficulties in documentation and regulatory approvals.


1. Moisture and Hygroscopic Materials Protection

TFT’s dehumidification solutions maintain optimal humidity levels to protect moisture-sensitive substances, safeguarding hygroscopic materials from degradation and reducing waste.

2. Laboratory Experiments

Precise humidity control is crucial to ensuring the integrity of laboratory experiments, preventing bacterial contamination, and ensuring reliable results.

3. Tablet Mixing, Weighing, and Coating

Maintaining controlled moisture levels during tablet mixing, weighing, and coating is critical to ensuring consistent product quality.

4. Packaging and Storage

Controlled humidity during packaging and storage stages is essential to ensure pharmaceutical products maintain their quality over time and are ready for distribution.


In such a delicate and regulated industry as pharmaceuticals, humidity control is a critical aspect to ensure product quality, effectiveness, and safety. TFT’s advanced dehumidification solutions offer a reliable and effective way to address humidity-related challenges throughout the pharmaceutical production process. With their expertise and diverse range of products, TFT stands as a dependable partner for pharmaceutical companies, helping them achieve and maintain the highest standards while complying with regulations.

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