Quality and flexibility

The purpose of TFT is to offer quality products and services, providing flexible solutions to meet the needs of customers.

We are driven by a passion for excellence and are committed to ensuring the highest customer satisfaction through a disciplined, results-oriented approach.


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These are the values that guide our work and represent the goals and ideals we are committed to pursuing:

1. Quality:

We always prioritize the quality of our products and services. We are committed to ensuring that everything we produce or offer meets the highest standards. This entails rigorous quality control at every stage of the process, the use of high-quality materials and resources, and the adoption of procedures and standards that ensure customer satisfaction. Quality is the foundation upon which we build our reputation in the market.

2. Flexibility:

We recognize the importance of flexibility in today’s dynamic business environment. We are committed to being agile and adaptable to the changing needs of customers and the market. This translates into our ability to customize products and services to meet specific customer requirements, to react quickly to market changes, and to adopt new technologies and methodologies to stay ahead. Flexibility is a key element for customer satisfaction and our success in the competitive market.

3. Passion:

We are driven by a passion for our work and for achieving excellence. Our employees are motivated by a passion for creating innovative and valuable solutions for our customers. Our passion translates into a constant commitment to overcoming challenges and pursuing personal and professional growth. This passion is reflected in the quality of our products, in our customer care, and in our innovation efforts.

4. Discipline:

We recognize the importance of discipline as a foundation for achieving consistent long-term results. We promote a disciplined approach in our daily work, adhering to processes and procedures, taking individual responsibility, and adhering to our corporate values. Discipline is also reflected in efficient resource management, result monitoring, and the continuous pursuit of operational efficiency.

The essence of TFT

These values represent the essence of TFT and guide the company’s behavior and business decisions. The company is committed to integrating these values into its corporate culture and keeping them at the core of its daily activities.


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