Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Portable evaporative coolers provide a versatile and efficient solution for cooling air by exploiting the basic principle of water evaporation. These devices are designed to operate by passing warm air through a wet panel, where the evaporating water absorbs heat from the surrounding air, producing a natural and effective cooling effect.

Their use is made even more practical and customisable thanks to the presence of a remote control, which makes it easy to adjust the operating settings according to specific temperature and humidity requirements. These devices, characterised by a robust and reliable design, are used in both industrial and professional contexts, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding work environments.

Furthermore, an important added value of our evaporative coolers is the presence of an integrated UV lamp, designed to sanitise the water used in the cooling process. This system contributes significantly to maintaining indoor air quality, reducing the presence of potential pathogens and ensuring a healthier, more comfortable environment for users.

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Air Conditioning EVC 12 24000



Air Quality is the best ally of modern industry and the public and civil.

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