Adsorption Dehumidifiers

Adsorption Dehumidifiers

The adsorption dehumidifiers using a technology based on the use of materials naturally drying (ie endowed with high physical-chemical affinity towards water vapor), as the silica gel.

This operation technology makes them suitable for use in environments where they are required humidity values even at low temperatures and constant values dew point very low (up to -60°C). With this technique it is possible to dehumidify dehumidification any type of environment in any condition.

TFT Dry Air Solutions has developed the line AD (Air Dry) to respond to the need for dehumidification to extreme temperatures (below 0°C) and very low humidity values. The dehumidifiers in this line are particularly suitable for continuous operation stationary and mobile. To limit the energy consumption resulting TFT proposes integrative solutions as the Heat Recovery Systems capable of recovering up to 60% of the heat generated by the machine to re-enter the cycle of operation, generating a considerable saving.

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Adsorption Dehumidifiers 01 ADS 150E 300E 600x600 1


Adsorption dehumidifier for industrial applications.

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Adsorption Dehumidifiers 03 AD0811 STD


Adsorption Dehumidifiers 04 AD1025 STD


Adsorption Dehumidifiers 05 AD4050 STD


Adsorption Dehumidifiers 06 AD7090 STD


Adsorption Dehumidifiers 07 ADP 2500 3000 5000 6000 8000 9500E



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