Paper Printing, Packaging & Storage

Paper Printing, Packaging & Storage

TFT specializes in humidity control solutions crucial for the packaging, labeling, and paper industries, where moisture management is paramount to ensure product quality and integrity.


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1. Packaging and Labeling Machinery

Volumetric filling and packaging machines often encounter issues like product sticking or ice formation due to high humidity. TFT’s desiccant dehumidifiers prevent such problems, ensuring smooth operation and consistent product filling. Blister packs and food packaging machinery are prone to slowdowns in wet conditions, affecting packaging speed and efficiency. Maintaining optimal humidity levels is crucial for uninterrupted production and extended product shelf life.

2. Humidity Control for Labeling

Paper-based labels are sensitive to humidity, with levels below 50-55% RH potentially causing issues like decreased adhesion and electrostatic problems. Maintaining humidity within this range is vital for ensuring label quality and performance.

3. Preservation of Paper and Cardboard

Paper and cardboard materials are hygroscopic, prone to cracking and dimensional changes in humid environments. Maintaining humidity levels around 50-55% RH prevents these issues, ensuring the integrity of packaging materials and printed products.


TFT’s desiccant dehumidifiers offer an effective solution for humidity control in packaging, labeling, and paper production machinery. These devices maintain humidity at optimal levels, preventing problems associated with high humidity and ensuring smooth operation and consistent product quality.


TFT’s advanced humidity control solutions offer comprehensive protection against moisture-related issues in the packaging, labeling, and paper industries. By maintaining optimal humidity levels, TFT enables smooth production processes, preserves product quality, and enhances operational efficiency, ensuring customer satisfaction and maximizing profitability.

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