Offshore & Onshore Wind Turbines

Offshore & Onshore Wind Turbines

TFT, a leading provider of humidity control solutions, plays a pivotal role in addressing critical challenges in wind turbine preservation and operation.

Humidity presents significant threats to wind turbine components, particularly in harsh marine environments, where corrosion accelerates rapidly with increasing relative humidity (RH). The impact of humidity on metal deterioration is exacerbated by the dissolution of salts in the humid air, highlighting the importance of effective humidity control in wind turbine preservation.


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1. Storage and Transportation

Wind turbine towers stored in exposed environments face corrosion risks during prolonged storage and transit, necessitating humidity control measures to maintain quality standards.

2. Installation and Assembly

Both onshore and offshore installations are susceptible to humidity-induced corrosion, particularly within the turbine tower and gondola components.

3. Maintenance

Excessive humidity accelerates corrosion processes within turbine components, including generators and electronic circuits, impacting system reliability and lifespan. Offshore installations face heightened corrosion risks due to saline environments, potentially reducing structural lifespans significantly.


TFT offers innovative dehumidification systems tailored for wind turbine preservation, particularly in marine environments.

  • Positive Pressure Maintenance: Maintaining positive pressure within turbine towers and gondolas ensures dry internal environments, effectively mitigating corrosion risks.
  • TFT dehumidifier: TFT’s dehumidifier effectively controls humidity levels, protecting wind turbines from the corrosive effects of sea air.


Effective humidity control is essential for preserving wind turbine integrity, mitigating corrosion risks, and ensuring optimal operational performance over their lifespan. TFT’s advanced dehumidification solutions provide comprehensive protection against humidity-induced corrosion, safeguarding wind turbines and maximizing energy production efficiency.

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