Power Plants

Power Plants

TFT systems play a pivotal role in revolutionizing the preservation and operation of thermal power plants, offering innovative solutions to mitigate downtime and corrosion risks.

These systems are designed to address the challenges posed by moisture accumulation and condensation, ensuring the reliability and longevity of critical infrastructure within power generation facilities.


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1. Steam Turbine Cold Downtime

Traditional steam turbine cold downtime significantly impacts operational efficiency and incurs substantial maintenance costs.

2. Corrosion Threat

Moisture and condensation pose a significant threat to machinery, control systems, and infrastructure, leading to corrosion and degradation over time.


TFT dehumidification solutions offer essential protection against corrosion and downtime in thermal power plants. TFT products provide advanced storage capacity, reducing turbine downtime by 40 per cent. In addition, TFT develops high-pressure equipment to address problems caused by high pressure drops in plants, simplifying operations and reducing the number of dryers needed.

Key Areas Requiring Drying During Shutdown

  • Generator Maintenance: Dry air preservation of generator windings prevents corrosion and facilitates swift startups.
  • Condenser Preservation: Dry conditions are essential for re-coating structures and tube plates, protecting them from damage.
  • Reheater Protection: Dry air minimizes corrosion risks for reheater tubes, preserving integrity and preventing intergranular attacks.
  • Maintenance of Feed and Condensate Pipes: Dry air eliminates internal corrosion, ensuring operational reliability.
  • Boiler Protection: Dry air prevents condensation-induced corrosion on boiler surfaces, preserving longevity and reliability.
  • Reactor Vessel Care: Dry air purges CO2, combats corrosion, and dries graphite within the reactor vessel, ensuring operational readiness.


In the realm of power generation, moisture management is paramount for operational excellence and infrastructure longevity. TFT’s innovative dehumidification solutions fortify power plants against corrosion, safeguarding critical components and enhancing overall efficiency and reliability.

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