Shipbuilding & Storage Boat

Shipbuilding & Storage Boat

In the shipbuilding industry and boat storage, humidity control is essential to preserve the structural integrity of boats during storage periods.

Vessels are particularly vulnerable to the effects of uncontrolled humidity, which can cause unpleasant odors, mold growth, and corrosion. TFT offers advanced dehumidification solutions to proactively address these challenges and ensure the protection of boats during the storage period.


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1. Harmful Effects of Humidity

During storage periods, boats are subject to conditions of high humidity that can lead to mold, bad odors, and corrosion. These harmful effects can compromise the aesthetic appearance of the interior and put the structural integrity of the vessel and its equipment at risk.

2. Limitations of Traditional Solutions

Conventional solutions, such as opening windows or using electric heaters, often fail to effectively manage humidity levels, leaving boats exposed to moisture-related damage.


1. TFT's Advanced Dehumidifiers

TFT’s advanced dehumidification systems offer a proactive approach to addressing humidity-related issues during boat storage. By maintaining optimal humidity levels below deck, these systems prevent corrosion, mold growth, and damage to woodwork and equipment. TFT provides flexible solutions, either through the permanent installation of compact dehumidifiers integrated into heating and ventilation systems or through portable units for on-demand use.

2. Proven Effectiveness

In cooperation with Perini Navi, TFT’s dehumidifier service has proven its effectiveness in preserving the condition of boats during storage and in the various construction phases. By ensuring a consistent distribution of dry air to each individual boat, regardless of size or type, TFT’s solutions effectively mitigate the risks associated with excess humidity. Advanced sensor technology further allows boat owners to monitor humidity levels remotely, enhancing control and peace of mind.


In conclusion, TFT’s dehumidification systems offer comprehensive humidity management, safeguarding boats against corrosion, mold, and other forms of damage. These solutions ensure consistent performance, even in challenging weather conditions, and offer outstanding reliability and customer support. By maintaining optimal conditions for boat storage, TFT’s dehumidifiers provide a cost-effective way to preserve boat value, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure a visually appealing and reliable interior environment.

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