Electronics Storage

Electronics Storage

Humidity control is paramount in electronics manufacturing to ensure consistent processes and top-notch product quality.

Various electronic components, including lithium batteries, require extremely low humidity levels to mitigate explosion risks, necessitating air with a dew point as low as -55°C.


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1. Precise Humidity Requirements

Electronics manufacturing demands precise humidity control to prevent moisture-related defects and ensure the reliability of components.

2. Risk of Condensation

Low room temperatures to prevent equipment overheating can lead to condensation, posing risks to sensitive electronic devices.

3. Safety Concerns with Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries, widely used in electronics, are sensitive to moisture and require ultra-low humidity environments to prevent safety hazards like explosion or corrosion.


TFT offers advanced humidity control solutions adapted to the unique challenges of the electronics industry. Using desiccant dehumidification, cooling and air-to-air energy recovery, TFT provides precise humidity control offering energy efficient alternatives to conventional systems. Absorption dehumidifiers effectively maintain strict humidity conditions, protecting equipment from condensation and corrosion.


Humidity control is essential for electronics manufacturing to ensure product reliability, safety, and quality. TFT’s expertise in providing comprehensive humidity control solutions, coupled with innovative technology, empowers electronics manufacturers to maintain optimal production conditions while minimizing operational costs. As a trusted supplier in the industry, TFT understands the critical importance of humidity control in electronics manufacturing and continues to innovate to meet evolving industry needs.

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